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Secretary Day

I decided on the spur of the moment to take my former employees out for a luncheon. I had read in the newspapers about Secretary Day when bosses invited their office assistants to a nice restaurant during lunch time and how the employees appreciated the openhanded gesture. While I had my business going, I’d never done it and always felt kind of guilty about it.

Working hard to keep the business prospering, I thought doing something similar for my employees might improve their work ethic which in turn would contribute to a higher profit. On the other hand, all the trouble my employees were causing me did not merit offering them several hours pay without work and spending additional money on them in a restaurant.

Besides, I never saw any compelling reason for inviting my employees out for lunch anyway. I already provided them with three free meals and entertainment on a daily basis, and further amenities of whatever kind would have only burdened me with extra expenses. Running a business, I had to follow the law of delicate balances and had to weigh unnecessary expenditure against the gain of superfluous comfort on the part of my employees. As a rule, it had been much easier and much less costly just to fire unhappy workers than to try to appease them by improving working conditions to make their lives more comfortable.

While my stance on running a business hasn’t changed in the last months, my attitude toward my former employees has begun to soften a bit, mostly due to the fact that I’m now semi retired and don’t have to cope with the aggravation caused by my workforce’s unruly behavior any more. Now, feeling relaxed and mellow, I thought belatedly observing Secretary Day would make a hit among my former employees and more important, it would be a great public relation spin for any future venture I might pursue. I could already see the headlines in the business section of newspapers and Internet sites: “Famous retired business dog, Hobo Hudson, shows his generosity by taking his former hostile employees out to lunch.”

Had I known what would follow my good-natured gesture, I would have forgone the publicity stunt and stayed hidden in my retirement haven until a promising new prospect came my way. It all began with the selection of how to impress my former employees …

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A blurb in a newscast on TV about a bioterrorist attack on a cruise ship sends Hobo into a state of panic. While he is spending time at camp, his parents are taking a cruise, and they are on board the affected ship. In a race with time, Hobo travels through the Internet to come to their rescue. Delayed by one misstep after another, and as more and more secrecy shrouds the bio attack, the rescue mission turns into a deadly confrontation with the terrorists.

The book The Richest Dog In Town is a collection of  humorous stories featuring Hobo Hudson, Barker of News and Tales.

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To order the book at amazon.com, click here.