Bruny Hudson

I am an author and freelance writer with a degree in journalism. I manage News and Tales, a compilation of fiction stories, nonfiction stories and views. Hobo Hudson, the family dog, is in charge of pet stories. As a free spirit, he allows his imagination to seep into his writing.   

Hobo Hudson

I was a little terrier mix with black fur. A long time ago, I had adopted Mom and Dad and moved into their home, becoming the big brother to a houseful of cats. My first attempt at writing stories, which was an article published in our local animal shelter’s newsletter, made me famous, and I started to help Mom with her website. My stories, written from my point of view, brought me a loyal following, and I soon had many more readers than Mom. After some growling and begging, I finally convinced Mom I needed my own blog, and she opened it for me at: